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Sexual Abuse…Why Are We Silent About It?

By Stacy Y. Whyte Sexual abuse is like an infectious disease that affects women and men of all social background, color and race. Whether you are an American, Chinese, Latina, European or Caribbean woman or man abusers and rapists are no respecter of people; they attack wherever and whenever. On my research I learned that […]

A Thanksgiving Prayer For You

By Stacy Y Whyte Give thanks to the Lord our God for He is great and greatly to be praised, for His loving-kindness is with us forever. Today we give thanks to the God of all gods, for His loving-kindness is from eternity to eternity. Give thanks to the Lord for He alone preserves your […]

Your Gift Is An Asset

Proper maintenance of your mind, body and spirit will fuel your potential and ignite your creativity. Thinking on the things that brings you pain, sorrow and disappointment is unhealthy for the mind. Your body when overwhelmed becomes stressful and it can even cause physical ailment to come upon you. It is essential that you take good […]

Untangle Yourself From The Past

Your family is supposed to be the closest people to you; they know your good and bad qualities, your strengths and weaknesses. However, the very people that were meant to cover you and protect you from the teeth that bite so bitterly in the world are sometimes those that wound you the most.  The wounds […]

Behold The Heart Speaks

By Stacy Y Whyte The heart is a delicate organ in the body yet is very vital for one’s survival. The heart occupies a small space and not everyone can be allowed in it. It must be guarded and treated with care. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – you should […]

A Time For Everything

By Stacy Y Whyte You must lean on God every day because He will work with you and perfect you for His good pleasure. Therefore, even when you experience distress and despair it is imperative that you draw near to God and His word. Trusting in God is a major factor that everyone needs to […]

You Are More Than A Conqueror

By Stacy Y Whyte God sees potential in you when others don’t and He stands with you regardless of what others think or say. David was a man with frailties and insecurities like you but God saw him as a king even before he was man enough to handle the title of kingship. The scriptures […]

Write The Vision

What is your vision? Consider writing down your goals and work at achieving them one at a time. Many people try to work on three or four things at the same time but they never really finish what they started so write the vision down. Anybody can start something but it takes someone who is […]

Words Are Powerful

By Stacy Y Whyte Trials and life’s challenges are to be expected but they are not sent to kill you or weaken you; rather they are merely present to build you up and strengthen you. When you are faced with issues do not get caught up in the now moment with a pity party, instead rise up […]

Life Is A Gift Not A Guarantee

Life is God’s greatest gift to man – there is nothing on the earth that can be compared to the breath that you take every waking moment of your life. Proverbs 14:27 says, “The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” Life is not something […]

The Power Of Hope

By Stacy Y Whyte Hope is a powerful weapon that combats negativity and unlocks doors that are generally closed. Giving hope a chance to come alive in your midst will bring you deliverance and form a shield of protection around you. Hoping in the things of God should be a part of your daily activities […]

Spotlight on Coach Lynn Strange

Lynn is an Anointed Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an Overcomer and Victor from the traumatic cycle of domestic violence. She is a living testimony of the “Healing Power” and Divine Inspiration of GOD, in which GOD has infused through her vessel of life. GOD has empowered Lynn as a […]

Take Action Today

The world is full of tragedies, setbacks, disease, poverty and even hunger but in the midst of the chaos you can still find joy. God wants you to have real joy and experience true happiness. He doesn’t desire for you to be in pain with afflictions and suffer from addictions. He created everything on the […]

Obedience Produces Blessings

By Stacy Y Whyte When you walk in complete obedience to God He blesses you with the very best. He brings increase to your little and cause it to multiply and bear good fruit in the earth. Obedience is better than sacrifice it is essential to be in right standing with God – without it […]

Lift Up Your Head

By Stacy Y Whyte You are beautiful as you are – fearfully and wonderfully made to amaze the masses. You are no longer a victim but a survivor, not a statistic but a unique gift in God’s sight. You are above and not beneath regardless of life looks like now. You are bigger than your […]

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