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Sexual Abuse…Why Are We Silent About It?

By Stacy Y. Whyte Sexual abuse is like an infectious disease that affects women and men of all social background, color and race. Whether you are an American, Chinese, Latina, European or Caribbean woman or man abusers and rapists are no respecter of people; they attack wherever and whenever. On my research I learned that […]

Untangle Yourself From The Past

Your family is supposed to be the closest people to you; they know your good and bad qualities, your strengths and weaknesses. However, the very people that were meant to cover you and protect you from the teeth that bite so bitterly in the world are sometimes those that wound you the most.  The wounds […]

Wounded Yet Not Destroyed

By Stacy Y Whyte The joy of the Lord has been my strength and the cure to my pain. During the month of November I was injured in an accident and it has been a real trial for me. I thought I knew pain before but this experience has shown me the different sides and […]

Healing At Your Finger Tips

By Stacy Y Whyte So many people are hurting either by spousal abuse, broken relationships and marriages or even due to their financial crisis. Pain does not have a face, it does not have a particular color, it does not identify with a particular race and it does not exempt you just because you are […]

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