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A Time For Everything

By Stacy Y Whyte You must lean on God every day because He will work with you and perfect you for His good pleasure. Therefore, even when you experience distress and despair it is imperative that you draw near to God and His word. Trusting in God is a major factor that everyone needs to […]

Life Is A Gift Not A Guarantee

Life is God’s greatest gift to man – there is nothing on the earth that can be compared to the breath that you take every waking moment of your life. Proverbs 14:27 says, “The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” Life is not something […]

The Power Of Hope

By Stacy Y Whyte Hope is a powerful weapon that combats negativity and unlocks doors that are generally closed. Giving hope a chance to come alive in your midst will bring you deliverance and form a shield of protection around you. Hoping in the things of God should be a part of your daily activities […]

Take Action Today

The world is full of tragedies, setbacks, disease, poverty and even hunger but in the midst of the chaos you can still find joy. God wants you to have real joy and experience true happiness. He doesn’t desire for you to be in pain with afflictions and suffer from addictions. He created everything on the […]

Lift Up Your Head

By Stacy Y Whyte You are beautiful as you are – fearfully and wonderfully made to amaze the masses. You are no longer a victim but a survivor, not a statistic but a unique gift in God’s sight. You are above and not beneath regardless of life looks like now. You are bigger than your […]

Life God’s Gift To You

Life God’s gift to you to enjoy and be inspired and empowered to walk in your divine purpose. God’s love for creation and all that is in is the very reason why we are able to breathe and enjoy life. Society may tell you what to do and how to do things with your life […]

Your Name Is Purpose

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God to do great things in the earth and leave a permanent footprint on the hearts of others. You were not created to become an instrument that is used, misused and abused by others. The Lord is saying, “Before you were formed in the womb I knew you […]

Holding Unto God

Holding unto God in all season of your life will build your faith and heaven’s blessings will be released over your life. Even though each day has its own challenges and disappointments you can still experience great victories if you look beyond the setbacks. When victories come you rejoice; but are you really thankful to […]

Breaking The Chains Of Negativity

By Stacy Y Whyte Words are like medicine to the bones but it can also mutilate the mind, body and the spirit. Instead of speaking negatively over others choose to declare a word of hope over them or the situation. Words spoken can lead to pain, shame and even disappointment but they can also be […]

Happiness Is A Choice

Unconditional love is the eternal key that unlocks your heart to experience true happiness. Happiness is an internal job, don’t be fooled by your emptiness because there’s so much more in life for you to be grateful for. God created mankind to live the abundant life—so why are you downcast in your spirit? Look around […]

Give Thanks

Thankfulness is a virtue that everyone should strive to possess. If you don’t know what to be thankful for just look at yourself in the mirror and thank God for keeping you alive. To be in the land of the living is a privilege and not a promise. You see today but you do not […]

The Thorn Of Temptation

The thorn of temptation can either build you or break you – the choice is yours. Though it may not be easy to overcome you can if you want the victory bad enough. You are not the only person being tempted so do not think it strange that you are.  You cannot worry about what […]

Little Is Much When God’s Hand Is In It

Often time’s people look at their life and say I don’t have much – I wish I had the nice house with the white picket fence or I wish I had that Lamborghini or that Bentley that I have always dreamed about. While others on the on the other hand wished they had diamonds and […]

God Is Your Keeper

The God of heaven will keep you through all things. As you journey through life you will meet upon obstacles but God will see you through. Life is filled with good and evil, love and hate, blessings and cursings, joy and sadness but you cannot allow anything to bring depression on you. Instead, choose to […]

God Has All You Need

By Stacy Y Whyte Jesus is the Teacher of wisdom and the Master Builder of your life. When He looks at you He sees a magnificent building that is filled with precious gifts and creativity. For that reason He breathes His blessings on your gifts and perfects your craft and then takes you before great […]

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