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Behold The Heart Speaks

By Stacy Y Whyte The heart is a delicate organ in the body yet is very vital for one’s survival. The heart occupies a small space and not everyone can be allowed in it. It must be guarded and treated with care. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – you should […]

What Does Love Mean To You

The word love is so often misused by many – they’ll say one thing with their mouth but their heart will be far from you. To your face they’ll compliment you but in their heart is filled with grudges and jealousy for the good things that you are receiving and the victories that you’ve won. […]

Spotlight on Janice Ross The Authorpreneur

Author Janice Ross Janice is highly skilled and gifted author that is utilizing her books to build her platform and create a solid brand. She is the spectacular host of Cultural Cocktails radio show, Blogger and awesome Book Reviewer. Her latest books are: Jezebel Jones Like A Bomb Going Off Loving Nate More About The […]

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