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Sexual Abuse…Why Are We Silent About It?

By Stacy Y. Whyte Sexual abuse is like an infectious disease that affects women and men of all social background, color and race. Whether you are an American, Chinese, Latina, European or Caribbean woman or man abusers and rapists are no respecter of people; they attack wherever and whenever. On my research I learned that […]

The Thorn Of Temptation

The thorn of temptation can either build you or break you – the choice is yours. Though it may not be easy to overcome you can if you want the victory bad enough. You are not the only person being tempted so do not think it strange that you are.  You cannot worry about what […]

Your Merchandise Does Not Have A Price Tag

By Stacy Y Whyte In my early teenage years I wanted to finish high school and get to that number that I thought was so dynamic. Eighteen was the age I dreamt of being at only fourteen – those days were so special with no care in the world. All I did at that age […]

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