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A Time For Everything

By Stacy Y Whyte You must lean on God every day because He will work with you and perfect you for His good pleasure. Therefore, even when you experience distress and despair it is imperative that you draw near to God and His word. Trusting in God is a major factor that everyone needs to […]

You Are More Than A Conqueror

By Stacy Y Whyte God sees potential in you when others don’t and He stands with you regardless of what others think or say. David was a man with frailties and insecurities like you but God saw him as a king even before he was man enough to handle the title of kingship. The scriptures […]

Wounded Yet Not Destroyed

By Stacy Y Whyte The joy of the Lord has been my strength and the cure to my pain. During the month of November I was injured in an accident and it has been a real trial for me. I thought I knew pain before but this experience has shown me the different sides and […]

Lean On The Master

By Stacy Y Whyte In the midst of all of life’s challenges you can always count on God to be there for you in ways that people can’t. God understands your feelings and fears when others don’t and loves you unconditionally even in your mess. Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the Lord is a […]

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