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Your Gift Is An Asset

Proper maintenance of your mind, body and spirit will fuel your potential and ignite your creativity. Thinking on the things that brings you pain, sorrow and disappointment is unhealthy for the mind. Your body when overwhelmed becomes stressful and it can even cause physical ailment to come upon you. It is essential that you take good […]

You Are More Than A Conqueror

By Stacy Y Whyte God sees potential in you when others don’t and He stands with you regardless of what others think or say. David was a man with frailties and insecurities like you but God saw him as a king even before he was man enough to handle the title of kingship. The scriptures […]

Obedience Produces Blessings

By Stacy Y Whyte When you walk in complete obedience to God He blesses you with the very best. He brings increase to your little and cause it to multiply and bear good fruit in the earth. Obedience is better than sacrifice it is essential to be in right standing with God – without it […]

God Has All You Need

By Stacy Y Whyte Jesus is the Teacher of wisdom and the Master Builder of your life. When He looks at you He sees a magnificent building that is filled with precious gifts and creativity. For that reason He breathes His blessings on your gifts and perfects your craft and then takes you before great […]

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