Gifted Entrepreneur Aisha Martin Talks Success

Aisha Martin prides herself on being a visionary and a trailblazer. Chameleon characteristics have proven to be a great asset to her as a successful serial entrepreneur. As founder of A. Martin Group, she has a passion for helping existing business owners achieve the lifestyle brand that empowers women all over the world. Being a charismatic speaker, astute business woman and an ambitious mentor, Aisha has proven to be well-rounded and diverse. […]

The Empowerment Catalyst Speaks with LaTicia Nicole

La’Ticia Nicole often says, “I am just a girl from Detroit, MI who had dreams of success.” In 1992, she moved to North Carolina with $15, four outfits and a dream. The thought of being what others said she would become gave her the perseverance to gain admittance to Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. Her […]

The CEO Speaks with ShaChena Gibbs

ShaChena Gibbs is an Association Executive, Parent Advocate, and Start-Up Business Coach, she is the founder and president of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association. Her tireless work of empowering influential minority women to become self-sustaining via entrepreneurship has resulted in her international recognition as an expert in professional development and women empowerment. ShaChena is […]

Spotlight on Janice Ross The Authorpreneur

Author Janice Ross Janice is highly skilled and gifted author that is utilizing her books to build her platform and create a solid brand. She is the spectacular host of Cultural Cocktails radio show, Blogger and awesome Book Reviewer. Her latest books are: Jezebel Jones Like A Bomb Going Off Loving Nate More About The […]

It’s Time For A Wake Up Call

By Stacy Y Whyte The wall of the human heart is very delicate yet it bears heavy burdens, it aches from deceit, lies and betrayal. However, it wears a smile that is envelope with joy whenever you are happy. Consequently, you are responsible for making yourself happy and living a fulfilled life. Mediocrity must be […]

Encourage Your Heart And Spirit

By Stacy Y Whyte Pursue good things and they will come to you; shun every appearance of evil and God will establish you. Protect your brand and do not leave an opening for others to steal your valuable ideas. Strive for excellence in everything you do, be efficient and leave no room for error. Finally, […]

God Has All You Need

By Stacy Y Whyte Jesus is the Teacher of wisdom and the Master Builder of your life. When He looks at you He sees a magnificent building that is filled with precious gifts and creativity. For that reason He breathes His blessings on your gifts and perfects your craft and then takes you before great […]

Keeping Christ In Christmas

By Stacy Y Whyte Without Jesus Christ there would be no Christmas – He was born so that you can enjoy the many privileges that you have. He loved you even before you were knitted together in your mother’s womb. He cared for you when no one else had your back. He looked on humanity […]

Jesus Came To Give You Life

By Stacy Y Whyte For this reason a woman name Mary was chosen by God to give birth to a child that would change the course of all humanity. Jesus Christ was a man who bore our sicknesses, healed the afflicted, walked among the poor and lowly yet He was mighty enough to forgive sin. […]

Give A Helping Hand

By Stacy Y Whyte And if you give what you have to the hungry, and fill the needs of those who suffer, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your darkness will be like the brightest time of day. Isaiah 58:10 In this season stretch out your hand to someone in need. It may […]

Hope Will Not Disappoint You

By Stacy Y Whyte Hope is the only essential substance you’ve got in this time. Therefore you’ve got to hold on to that foundation and believe God for a change. Hope is precious and priceless it isn’t something you can purchase because if it was many people wouldn’t be able to afford it therefore they […]

Wounded Yet Not Destroyed

By Stacy Y Whyte The joy of the Lord has been my strength and the cure to my pain. During the month of November I was injured in an accident and it has been a real trial for me. I thought I knew pain before but this experience has shown me the different sides and […]

Lean On The Master

By Stacy Y Whyte In the midst of all of life’s challenges you can always count on God to be there for you in ways that people can’t. God understands your feelings and fears when others don’t and loves you unconditionally even in your mess. Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the Lord is a […]

Watch And Pray

By Stacy Y Whyte This is the time of the year when people tend to get caught in all the festivities of Christmas with the gift giving and receiving and get togethers which, sometimes results in prayer being overlooked or even forgotten. You cannot afford to stay away from your strong place of power that […]

Stand Through It

By Stacy Y Whyte Opening up our hearts to God’s will and letting go of life’s obstacles, set backs and challenges will lead us into a place of endless possibilities and limitless opportunities. Trusting in our fleshly desires and ignoring the precepts of God will fail us and even cause us great pain. However, standing […]

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