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Apostle Oliver T. Reid, called into the ministry in his youth, is a powerfully anointed and dynamic man of God. Known to be a remnant preacher and a testament to these times, Apostle Reid flows with a global prophetic mandate with God’s signs and wonders following. A man of many gifts and talents, he walks in the office of Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist and Teacher, and most affectionately knows him as “Apostle.” As a trailblazer, stalwart, and international apostle Reid has a passion to see the body restored, sinner’s saved, and broken hearts mended.

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The Solution

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The Solution is a movement that stretches from the USA to diverse places across the nations. It is founded on Godly insight with Christ at the center of the vision. Christ is the ultimate solution to an earthly or spiritual problem. Take note God is the ultimate manufacture. Christ serves as the pattern or prototype for every Christian Believer to follow (~2nd Peter 1:3). Jesus Christ is a master designer. Christ is a skillful craftsman and the architect of your soul. You are made up of or built to solve a problem. By divine nature you are a solution to a problem.

The Mastermind

Apostle Reid has used God’s blessings and favor upon his life in the marketplace, as Founder of ECKLESIA Professional Development Center in 2001 and Founder of M.I.N.D. Consulting firm in 2007, providing mental health and consulting services. He is also a seasoned Consultant, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Poet. His first book, DON’T PRESS FAST FORWARD, was released in 2010. His next four widely anticipated books: Spiritual GPS, Your Ministry Is Not Impossible, Nine Keys To Keeping A Vision Fresh, and Words From The Low Place are due to be released in the near future. Using his God given passion to teach, Apostle Reid has developed a series of explosive empowerment workshops and conferences. These practicums and summits facilitated by Apostle Reid are specifically handcrafted to transcend cultural boundaries by heightening the spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing of its participant’s. Yielding to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit Apostle Reid established Dunatos International Training and Development Center in 2012. Dunatos is an international entity which houses prophetic schools ministering to masses of people on diverse forums. Influenced by his God given ability to endure and solve problems in life Apostle Reid founded I AM A SOLUTION BRANDING GOSPEL in 2012.

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Apostle Reid continues to travel throughout the United States and around the world ministering under the apostolic and prophetic mandate of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following.

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