The Soul Shifter Marilyn E Porter Speaks

Marilyn is a guiding light for women, she helps them through the process of clearing out the mental cobwebs, chaos and confusion. Opens up the path to their purpose, passion and profit potential. She is the founder of ME Unlimited, LLC. The core mission of her business is to help transform lives, and lift women where they stand. The business is based on an undeniable calling to empower women. She created and implemented a transformational leadership coaching programs and live events that is used to train, edify, educate, empower, and equip women globally. Together we stamp out chaos, confusion, and stagnation. The result is the alignment of words, actions, and spirit.

When clients work with her, they become aware of the assets and the incongruence in their lives and learn how to shift from strife to thrive. In the partnerships she forms with a Sisters Clients, they learn to align their Do, with their Who and Why.

How Can Marilyn Help You To Get Beyond Pain Into Purpose?

As a spiritual Life Coach she breaks through the thread of pain by lifting the client’s spirits through godly wisdom and transparency so that they gain a level of self-efficacy, skills to effectively serve and lead others in a transformative manner based on biblical principles.  As a Spiritual Life Coach and Speaker, she delivers God’s word in church services, retreats, conferences, and secular leadership engagements.

She share with her clients and audiences a message based on solid teaching, prophetic insight, and an enthusiasm for seeing believers unified, restored and renewed.  I meet you where you stand, and join you in the healing and joyous walk towards Hope, Restoration, and Living a Triumphant Life.

Marilyn’s Background

Marilyn is  a life-long learner, holding degrees in Psychology, Paralegal Studies/Civil Litigation, and currently studying for a Masters in Pastoral Studies/Counseling.  She enjoys staying abreast of my field via books by great thought leaders, and attending seminars and conferences by exemplars in the faith based and secular sphere.

She is an educated woman, however it is not her scholarly knowledge that affords her great influence and standing in her field but her God-given gift of wisdom. It is with this gift that she is able to nurture others in their journey to become seekers of God and His intended purposes for their lives.

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