Spotlight on Coach Lynn Strange

Lynn is an Anointed Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an Overcomer and Victor from the traumatic cycle of domestic violence. She is a living testimony of the “Healing Power” and Divine Inspiration of GOD, in which GOD has infused through her vessel of life. GOD has empowered Lynn as a Catalyst for Change, Awareness, and Advocacy on the issue of Domestic Violence. She is passionate and fervent in advancing the Kingdom of GOD with impact in the earth.

Her platform is based on Empowerment Speaking, Life Coaching and Radio-TV Host. Lynn has been featured and seen in Newspaper Articles, Magazines, Churches, Blogs and Conferences. Her unyielding passions to empower and assist victims of domestic violence, birthed her Empowerment Ministry, “Lady of Divine Inspiration”.

Lynn serves as a Community Outreach Liaison and provides support to victims. She is a devoted mother of three daughters.

It is her strong, “Faith Filled” conviction, passion, pursuit, and purpose to… “Inspire and Change Lives from the Inside Out”!

As CEO, What advice can you give for the woman that desires to step into the role of an entrepreneur?

  • Research competitors and similar businesses with comparative services to develop and implement successful business strategies.
  • Build a team of individuals whose endeavor and passion is inclusive of your business plans and goals.
  • Remain knowledgeable to the trends in your business economically and be willing to reposition business plans to maintain optimal success.
  • Never lose Faith in GOD and his Power to support, assist, or guide you at all times.
  • Remain the “Voice” of your biggest Cheerleader & Celebrator!

What would you say to the new business owner that wants to use social media, but is not sure what direction to take?

  • Research and explore the various social media outlets, and how the outlets may become beneficial in the advertising or access to your business.
  • Analyze businesses which offer comparative services as your business, and review the success of the business through their existing social media sites.
  • Be willing to explore creative, unique, and trendy opportunities to increase public knowledge of your business.
  • Be willing to accept and endure the growing challenges in order to advance the mission of your business.

How do you keep your team motivated?

My team is motivated with effective strategies of team building empowerment and inspirational sessions. It also involves positive and constructive feedback peer relational trainings, encouraged self-confidence and motivation and through the identification of propelled opportunities for self-growth and professional achievement.

What inspires you to press into tomorrow?

I am inspired to press into tomorrow by trusting with Faith, the Power and Authority of GOD manifesting in me. Daily, I seek the counsel, wisdom, revelation, and understanding of GOD to fulfill the Purpose and Destiny He has planned for me. Therefore, I yield to the sovereignty and will of GOD, knowing him alone, will accomplish his Ordained Plans for my life.

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Facebook: Lady of Divine Destiny

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