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The world is full of tragedies, setbacks, disease, poverty and even hunger but in the midst of the chaos you can still find joy. God wants you to have real joy and experience true happiness. He doesn’t desire for you to be in pain with afflictions and suffer from addictions. He created everything on the earth to guarantee your happiness, your joy and your peace; however, the decisions you sometimes make creates havoc in your life and leave you feeling unwanted, unloved and unhappy. Today you have to opportunity to change everything and start living the abundant life that produces joy. Some people have everything that money can buy but they do not have joy or peace. Could there be a missing piece to the puzzle? Learning to be content with your life and what God is doing for you is a key factor to the joy that you are missing in your life.

Developing a relationship with God could be the pivotal piece to the puzzle that will complete you and fill that void you may be feeling in your heart. I can remember years ago, before I had a relationship with God, I felt sadness in my heart even though I had mostly everything a young person could desire.  I tried to fit in to certain social group just to feel happy but that didn’t help; at one point, I became a shopaholic because to me it was like a rushing roulette and in that moment I felt good but when I got home I didn’t even want to see the stuff. Instead, I would bury my head in a pillow and cry from my heart – God stepped in at a time when I needed Him most and He transformed my life. He renewed my hope on life and gave me a brand new start and He will do it for you as well.

Now I appreciate the little things in my life and I thank God every day for the new experiences that He has been opening up to me. Living life without comparing yourself to others will alleviate some of the stress that you sometimes feel. So many times, people put pressure on themselves to do what their friends do or make elaborate purchases for things when it is not necessary. Jealousy can lead to serious consequences and cause you utter discomfort. The book of Kings gives us a clear picture of what jealousy can do to a person. The scripture in 2 Kings 5:25-27 says, “But he went in and stood before his master. And Elisha said to him, “Where have you been, Gehazi?” And he said, “Your servant went nowhere. Then he said to him, “Did not my heart go with you, when the man turned from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to receive money and to receive clothes and olive groves and vineyards and sheep and oxen and male and female servants? Therefore, the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and to your descendants forever.” So he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.” Don’t be like Gehazi whose jealousy and feeling the need to have what another person have cost him everything. Life is meant to be lived with balance in a healthy way and not with regrets of what could have been. Developing a positive mentality of I can do this or I will do great things will lead you to the path of successful living that God created from the foundation just for you.

Prayer: Father in heaven we call upon You today help us to live as a survivor and not as a victim. Help us to thrive with a spirit of excellence and live a life that brings glory to your name. Father thank you for giving us the boldness to live our best life with joy in our hearts and forgive us for putting limits on our potential in Jesus name. AMEN!


  • Joan Cole

    I love the sentence,”Learning to be contented with your life and what God is doing for you”. Sometimes we ask God for a fish, instead he gave us a fishing line in order for us to used our skills to get more fish. Instead of giving thanks, and use our talent to achieve something out of life, we look how the JONES are living and want to live like them.

  • Doreen Lovell

    Greed entered the heart of Gehazi. His selfishness and shallow spiritual condition manifested itself. Gehazi allowed himself to be deceived by the devil and the love of earthly goods caused him to sin against God and his master…….. See my book “Living The Fulfilled Life”—Pursuing Spiritual Growth.

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