What Does Love Mean To You

The word love is so often misused by many – they’ll say one thing with their mouth but their heart will be far from you. To your face they’ll compliment you but in their heart is filled with grudges and jealousy for the good things that you are receiving and the victories that you’ve won. So, what does love mean to you? While others are hating, on the other hand there are people that really cares about you and the things that concerns your life. They will love you without reservation and support you unconditionally when no one else is around – now that is the epitome of what love is about. So I wrote this poem just for you meditate on and reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be.


Love is patient and not malicious

Love is kind and not hateful

Love cares and is not selfish

Love shares and it is not bashful

Love pleases and teases and is not fearful

Love uplifts and encourages and does not give up easily

Love affirms and not tears self esteem down

Love gives you support and not defile you

Love is respect and does not do you harm

Love trust and not make false accusations

Love seeks to protect you and not anger you


Love will embrace you and not abuse you

Love will wipe your tears away and not insult you

Love will comfort you and not disgrace you

Love will put your mind at ease and not batter your face like a baseball field

Love will run from temptation and run to you

Love will come home and not go astray

Love will forgive and not hold grudges

Love will stay by your side in times of adversity and not ignore you

Love will put a smile on your face and not pain in your heart

Love withholds nothing good from you

Love will say you know what you are worth it and become one with you


  • Wonderful! These are some beautiful and true sentiments on love, There is also another true aspect of love. Though it may bring some tears at times, truth is a much needed component of love. It seeks to heal, not to hurt, even though sometimes it may sting, like when we get a shot from the Doctor. In God’s love for us, He had to first reveal the truth about our sinfulness and our need for a Savior. That is the purpose of the Old Testament law. (Ouch!) So too, honesty rather than flattery is what a true loving friendship, or any relationship needs. This is difficult to perfect, but with God’s help, He will show us how it’s done: gently and humbly, lovingly. Keep Writing, you are a blessing!

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